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Oob is da Man. Oob is de man. Oob is the man. Oob is WHOA man. Oob is Kawaii. Oob is cute. Oob is cuddly. Oob is adorable. Oob is the man. :D
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Reviews by Oob_Sairos
Published: 08/11/04 Updated: 08/11/04
Abused, and still recovering from relationships. An event occurs which throws Justin into Kati's world. Not knowing what to expect, the two of them make an attempt at a relationship that just may be what they've been looking for. (This is not done yet!!) More info...
Title: Chapter 1: Never Had A Dream Come True Reviewer: Oob_Sairos Signed
I would just like to say I find this story grossingly disgusting based on the facts of what has been happening in real life and that I have been a part of them. When you try writing a story based on fact, don't stray too far or the story might be really bad...
Date: 08/12/04
Published: 08/11/04 Updated: 08/11/04
Leadora is swept away by the dashing Richter Mineas, but in order to pay her fare, he must introduce her to a completely new life. More info...
Title: Chapter 1: Fleeing Laeriel Reviewer: Oob_Sairos Signed
So far so good. Got a little background on the story. Stowaway fleeing some unknown part of the world. Actually giving background story TO the background story of Leadora. Can't really see any flaws in this except it seems a little short for a first chapter. Was hoping for a little bit more to the first chapter of the Life of Leadora. Like, I said, So far so good. But you have nothing to hold back so keep 'em comin.

Author's Response: Indeed-- very short. I was intending on so much more. It was one of those late-night inspirations and someone pushed me to write a story. I intend to append much more to this first chapter, as it really needs more to it. You may be pleased, however, that Alikarti will make an appearance. :)
Date: 08/11/04