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I'm basically your usual 19-year-old gal that's into anime/manga/fantasy/gaming/scifi/DC Comics/Star Wars/etc. Heck, I'll start commissioning pics in an anime-style. Working on other styles, but am prominent in anime/manga and furries. I dabble a ltitle bit in stories-- have a mind chock full of ideas, just cannot jot them all down. I've got an abandoned story at called "The Angel Puppet". I need to type and upload the remainder of what's written to that. (Right now I'm sick and am just babbling.)

I'm also a secretary for a counseling office. It's a blast, actually.

And yes, I'm a nerdy type that goes to conventions, primarily the Project A-Kon in Dallas. It's an anime convention you'll hear me oft babbling about.
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Stories by Leadora
Published: 08/11/04 Updated: 08/11/04
An early heartbreak in the relationship between Leadora and Daklore-- bringing up past promises from her former husband Richter Mineas, along with a new insight from Aloryn herself. More info...
Published: 08/11/04 Updated: 08/11/04
Leadora is swept away by the dashing Richter Mineas, but in order to pay her fare, he must introduce her to a completely new life. More info...