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is – with no support and after being systematically lied to for so many years – nearly killed me. I went into an emotional meltdown.What I found out – after years of being stonewalled – was that I’m an XY woman. I have a rare intersex condition called Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome (AIS). Through reading my medical notes I found my doctors knew
pocket.Coulthard returns to McLaren as a paying visitorDavid Coulthard warned that unless Formula 1 drivers respect the new Abu Dhabi circuit fans are in for a crash-fest this weekend.The former McLaren ace said the shortened run-off areas meant ambitious racers would quickly pay the price for their mistakes.And he celebrated the change in design ph
, 27, is an event planner from South Africa, who developed SAD after moving to Edinburgh five years ago..."In South Africa no one has SAD because the sun shines pretty much every day. But in Scotland we don't get much sun and I started to dread winter.I'd feel low and lethargic and struggle to get out of bed. I also craved comfort food - anythin
ibsCr Montblanc Fineliner
gust 10The girl is barely conscious this morning. They finally drag her out. It’s the last time we see her.August 12They let me ring Mum and Dad from the court.I can’t believe I’m finally speaking to them, it really gives me a boost. I get a new court date for August 31. That has to be the date they set me free.August 16I’m coming out in these

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