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and federal penitentiaries,said Bill Adams, Senate Judiciary Committee press secretary. And, simultaneously, you're keeping these new offenders away from the criminal culture of prisons.Boot camps are also generally cheaper to run than prisons, said John Russell, a Justice Department spokesman. Because sentences tend to be shorter than those in jails, the cost of keeping an offender in camp rather than jail for a longer period of time is usually less.But in some states, boot camps are more costly to run than prisons. In Montana, a camp inmate costs about $48 a day in prison, about $42. In Georgia, an inmate costs $48.07 while a prisoner in jail costs $50.22, according to the
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iser to a number of Chinese schools and educational organizations, including the Chinese Academy of Sciences.At his school he is promoting both student and faculty exchanges with the People's Republic of China, and boasts about the business school's USJapan Institute, which he calls a modelfor encouraging commerce and understanding among nations.Dr. Woo is a college administrator who remains an active academic. He is directing several doctoral students from UC San Diego, as well as pursuing his varied research projects. He also maintains a keen interest in public education. But, despite what he sees as some positive signs, Dr. Woo says he is not hopeful.Unless the man on the
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, who labeled the vote a dirty trick, responded by calling his supporters out onto the street and vowing to keep them there until Mr. Gyurcsany resigns.With neither party ready to back down, the stage is set for a battle over the future of Hungary's young democracy. If Gyurcsany manages to retain power, his government would have several electionfree years to solidify and strengthen the country's progress.But should the opposition succeed in ousting the prime minister, it would be a major victory for the populism and political squabbling that has stalled Hungary's climb out of communism since 1989.It could also show the way the wind is blowing in the rest of Central and Eastern Europ
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heir heritage. Today, most Indians want the Black Hills returned. For the vocal rhythms, lonely spirituality, and confusion felt by Indians down through the years, the voices speaking in Native American Testimony are genuine. Editor and anthropologist Nabokov has pulled together speeches, testimony, and statements from Indians that were recorded in letters, transcripts, newspapers, and so on. It is a wonderfully organized compilation, if a chronicle of decimation can be wonderful. Each chapter is preceded by a contextual essay relating to events or concepts. Even the notes on sources at the end of the book are fascinating. Historical photos of Indians and conditions are sprinkled th
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